The Discovery Centre presents The Blueprint of How (The African Series): 

10 Cities, 7 Countries, 1 Continent

Are you an expert at helping others put together their dreams but never quite succeed at doing same with yours?


Do you have the trappings of success but still feel surprisingly unfulfilled, keenly aware there is more?



How do I transition from a great career into a new area of interest without jeopardizing my finances, reputation and perhaps, meaningful relationships?



Do you often admire others living their dreams and wonder if that will ever be you?


Do you want to influence others, create impact and generate income doing the things you love to do the most?


Do you still daydream about the life you would want to have although everyone assumes your current life is okay?


Do you wish you had the clarity, the Blueprint, the 'How'?

Are you confused, overwhelmed and restless, still searching for your identity and how to fulfill purpose in spite of the plethora of information you have consumed?

Are you multi-talented and often confused about what ideas or venture to focus on?


Countdown to Uyo Edition

Ibiwari Dokubo Oglafa

If you haven't sat down to listen to Mfon Ekpo and you're confused about your life, finances, relationships, the right attitude to life...'you are sleeping on bicycle.' 

After the Blueprint of How Seminar I went home, I dreamed, and I saw. This woman is not a regular. She is smart, she will navigate your life, she will break down your silly fears and help you build.  

She will do this by going down in the mud with you, excavating all the nonsense that's stopping you. Start with the foundation. And she will do this on her hands and knees in the mud with you!

But she will charge!

Because if you cannot put your money where your life is concerned, then it means you don't value yourself. But she will even teach you and show you how to value yourself!

Ayodele Daniel Dada


Oluwabusola Sosanya

Yesterday, I had a rebirth and it was only made possible because I met a midwife who dragged those babies out of me. Her name is Mfon Ekpo. She's an enigma and more of spirit than human! I can still hear her voice in my head. She held my hand, rubbed my back when it hurt. She made me laugh, she made me weep. She made me realise that's it's okay to be confused sometimes and I need help to birth some of my dreams.

They say our attention spans are pitifully short these days, but we listened over the course of 12 unbelievable hours. 

Some people are uniquely gifted at triggering epic tsunamis in people's hearts and minds. 

They challenge you to see the value in your failure and drive a narrative about all the things you do well. They implore you to resist the insidious messages of specialists in dream amputation who assume that its okay to be unhappy. 

And, they encourage you to take off the mask because they took off theirs. 

Thank you Mfon Ekpo for sharing your fire with a matchstick who was once damp and lost in the middle of the bunch.



If you tell me to explain what happened at the Blueprint of How with Mfon Ekpo, I will just tell you to go and book for her next seminar. I can't explain what went in there for good 12 hours! We practically lost track of time! You need to attend to understand it. This was not a normal seminar...I call it a healing and renewal session.

Imma Steve Harris

CEO Administr8


CEO Rhemnic Scents

Nma Agada

CEO The Negrifille Ent. 


Today's lesson - INVEST IN YOURSELF. Yesterday, I spent 11 hours at the greatest event I've attended in years. I sat with women - some of who I'd even looked up to before now and still do - and learned. I laughed, cried, felt the deepest form of emotions, held others, was held, fought and defended others all in half a day. The Blueprint of How opened me up to a higher order of aspirations and myself.


Nnenna Fakoya-Smith

Tourism Promoter

We started the Blueprint of was a 10-hour session that kept everyone at the edge of their seats all through (no chandelier moment but moments of truth!) She began to dig into our lives...she didn't only break us, she remolded us to see our 'red houses'. She rubbished the mindset I had & showed me the right way


My mind, my brain, my hands cannot contain all I learned yesterday. 13 hours of intense, mind expanding, life changing training at the Blueprint of How Seminar with Mfon Ekpo. I still cannot sleep. I see my possibilities, I see my mistakes but I'm ready to move, to take the next step.




It is impossible to summarize 10 hours in 3 minutes...

The Blueprint of How Seminar is packed with insightful content and artful delivery. It is a global seminar which impacts lives, regardless of geography, demography or education. 




Mfon Ekpo is the founder and CEO of the Discovery Centre, a training organization that  specializes in developing effective systems, strategy and structure for organizational and individual development. 

An astute professional with multiple degrees in Maritime Law, Business law, Journalism, Neuro- linguistic programming, Project management and Negotiation, Mfon is an international speaker and a coach to top business CEO’s, industry and thought leaders and has worked and trained for the British High Commission, the Supreme Court of Nigeria, National Judicial Institute and the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria amongst others. 

A certified Human behavior consultant, Mfon is a founding partner and Executive Director of The  John Maxwell Team, has served as a member of the President’s Advisory Council and is a two- time recipient of the ‘Golden Quill’ award by the National Academy of Bestselling Authors in Hollywood for co-authoring two bestselling books with renowned leading experts such as Brian Tracy and Robert Allen amongst others.

Mfon is a Mandela Washington Fellow in the pioneer set of President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative and served as the Chairperson of the Advocacy committee on the Regional Advisory Board for the Fellowship for West Africa. She is an Harambe Entreprenuership Alliance Associate and a Mentor on the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP).

Mfon was appointed an honorary citizen and a Goodwill Ambassador for the State of Arkansas in the United States of America in 2014. She sits on various boards in an advisory capacity and consults for various projects with a focus on strategy and structured sustainable implementation. Named one of the most influential women in Nigeria in 2017 by Leading Ladies Africa, Mfon was also shortlisted by the British Council Alumni Awards for Social Impact in Nigeria .

Through her globally acclaimed intensive seminar “The Blueprint of How” she helps people across Africa, Europe and The United States of America translate their ideas into viable and sustainable impact-driven business.

Set the intention to make that your best day

 "One day, somewhere unfailingly, you'll find yourself - that and only that will be either the happiest or bitterest day of your life." - Pablo Neruda

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